Monday, November 17, 2008

Barcelona's Storefront Graffiti

Barcelona is a visually and artistically captivating city.  To me, it is an "alternative" city, a place where mainstream ideas of beauty and expression are brushed aside for less conventional methods of expression.  This can be found in the myriad street performances that take place every day.  Despite strict government regulations on how, when, and where these performances take place, they still find a way to stun. 

One form of "alternative art" I found particularly inspiring was the ubiquitous graffiti painted onto the garage doors that get slid down once the stores close.  But I wouldn't necessarily call it graffiti.  To me graffiti implies making one's name or one's group's name the centerpiece of the work.  The "alternative graffiti" I found on these garage doors throughout the city, however, depicted all sorts of odd scenes from other-universes.  Just walk through Barcelona at night and look at the garage doors.  You'll feel like you're walking in a museum of modern art.  So below I am including a collection of photographs I took of these pieces scattered throughout the city.

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