Monday, April 13, 2009

Across America take 5

A church in Michigan City, Indiana explaining five reasons to tithe.  Until seeing this poster, I thought "tithing" strictly belonged to vocabularies prior to the 16th century.  It turns out tithes are in, and my vocabulary needs a serious updating.  

This is the 5th installment in a series of photos taken from a 2006 bicycle trip across America to raise funds, spread awareness, and foster hope in the fight against cancer.  I am riding again this summer.  Each rider has pledged to raise $4000 to donate to the American Cancer Society's Baltimore Hope Lodge, a free residence for patients receiving cancer treatment in the Baltimore area.  We also donate to the outreach and research divisions of the Sydney Kymmel Comprehensive Cancer CEnter at the Johns Hopkins Hospital.

Please consider making a $10 donation.  If you can only afford less, then that is totally cool - EVERY PENNY COUNTS!  You can make a contribution by clicking the "Donate Here" link of my fundraising page at:

Leave a comment if you have any questions or stories you want to share.

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