Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving with the Ghahremani's

This year I enjoyed Thanksgiving in Castro Valley outside of SF with the Ghahremani's. I enjoyed many beautiful experiences.

Nosrat ("Victory") Ghahremani, 91 years old, read my coffee cup. If you're unfamiliar with this tradition, then check out this link I wrote her words down. Her insight and intuition were astounding, sagely.

I also learned that when a volume of the great Persian poet Hafez comes out onto a table, one must hold it, ask it a question, then open to a random page. Then the text will speak to you.

Vida Ghahremani (Mayreeg) is writing her memoirs. The first part has been published in Farsi with English translations on the way. Meanwhile she's working on the next segments of her life, a significant historical perspective for artists negatively impacted by the Islamic Revolution. Go, Vida!!

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