Monday, September 1, 2008

Haikus written in Marseilles, and a quote

A few haikus written in Marseilles, inspired by the great beast residing in the garden of Mano, my cousin Nanor's boyfriend. These are three interconnected haikus, then one written from inside the car.

The garden turtle
Sits under a piece of wood
Contemplating life.

In solitude, he
Absorbs the world; around others,
He hides in his shell.

Psychadelic waves
Of light splashing his eyes
Witin a bliss shell

Pistachio shells
Liter the floor of a coupe,
Bones on the carpet.

I'm not sure when exactly I wrote this down, but I found it flipping through my notebook and thought I would share:

Sometimes time moves slowest when you're waiting for it to pass, and fastes when you're not.

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